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An Overview Of Bill Lewis Lures

Having stood the test of time these products have proven themselves over and over.

Anglers in the US have continued to use them on many species with great success for the past fifty plus years. 

They are finally being offered to the Australian and New Zealand anglers.

Rat-L-Trap Lures

The Rat-L-Trap comes in a range of sizes from 3.5gms to 42 gms (1/8 oz to 1 ½ oz) which enables anglers to target a huge range of species of variable sizes. They have enjoyed a long history of success.

Over the years the range of colours and patterns have expanded.

The best anglers have tested, fine-tuned and improved upon these lures continually to ensure the best results are achieved, not only in recreational fishing but in highly competitive professional tournaments and competitions.  

The realistic actions and the unique “rattles” which have been specifically tuned to create Vibrations, attract fish to respond and attack the lures. 

The solid impressive packaging on a selection of these lures enables them to be stored. This assists in preventing damage from the hard treatment normally dished out by anglers.  

There is a Rat-L-Trap lure to suit almost every condition, species and water colouration.

The action of the lures, together with the frequency of the vibrating rattles and the great variation of colours and patterns has enabled fish to be caught in almost all conditions.




The Echo 1.75 Lures

The Echo 1.75 is a floating Square Billed Crankbait and comes in just the one size, and has proven to be a dynamic lure for Australian species.

At first glance Australian anglers felt that the size of the lure was far too big for species such as Bream however, when these were first tried, merely to observe their action the “unbelievable” happened and bream of varying sizes were caught repeatedly in the relatively shallow water (1-3 metres).   

Again, there are a range of patterns and colours to suit most conditions. 

The action of the lure and the added sound of the vibration of the “rattles” in two chambers with different pitches have proved these to be highly effective. 

This is especially the case in discoloured water where the fish’s vision is limited.  

Often these lures are smashed on the surface but are taken below the surface when the lure is paused and is rising.



Stutter Step Lures

The most recent addition to the Bill Lewis range of lures is the Stutter Step”. During the companies 50 plus year history they have been very selective in the lures it offers, striving for perfection.  

The “Stutter Step” is a unique top water lure and offers a unusual and varied action depending on the Retrieve.  

It is especially effective in creeks, lakes and rivers around structure where many species of fish are hiding out. 

The 5” (125mm) Stutter Step was first introduced and its instantaneous success ensured that a smaller version, the 4” (100mm) would immediately be demanded by the public.

Proving to be effective on species from Bass, Estuary Perch and Murray Cod in the south to Barramundi and Giant Trevally in the north of the country with Tuna and Mackerel also falling victim to them in the Saltwater. 



StutterStep Lures
rocket bobber

Rocket Bobbers

Floats are one of the most popular articles of fishing gear that the bait angler uses. 

The Bill Lewis Rocket Bobber is one of the hardiest and well-designed floats on the market.  

The unique shape, weight distribution and aerodynamic design ensures longer and more accurate casts are possible, as they cut through wind ensuring a more accurate line to the target.  

They are aimed at an easy and rapid attachment to the line. They come in three sizes and two contrasting colours to ensure they are visible under most conditions.   

There are also two sizes which Glow in the dark to enable night float fishing. They are illuminated with an artificial light such as a headlamp or torch so there is no need to buy an additional glow stick to attach to your float at night. 

 The company is so confident in the “Rocket Bobber” being virtually indestructible that that they offer a lifetime warranty when used under normal fishing conditions.  

 This is sure to be attractive to the passionate float fishing angler. The 12cm and 16cm feature a hook remover on the tip. 



MR6 Crankbaits

The latest addition to the range is the MR-6 Hard Bodied Crankbait, which comes in a good range of colours and patterns. Developed in conjunction with Elite series pro, Mark Daniels Jr., the Bill Lewis MR-6 crankbait was designed to be your go-to crankbait for targeting the two metres depth range. 

Featuring a compact body that contains an internal weight transfer system, the Bill Lewis MR-6 Crankbait casts like a bullet. Its flattened sides and tapered tail combine to create an extreme vibration and tight wiggling action. 

The Bill Lewis MR-6 Crankbait is perfectly weighted to slowly rise when paused and produce a low-pitched knocking sound during the retrieve to attract fish in dirty water conditions. 

The lengthened body design of the Bill Lewis MR-6 Crankbait also gives it the ability to carry two size 4 Mustard triple grip treble hooks and have a much higher hook up ratio than other crankbaits of the same size. 

Offered in an assortment of colours hand selected by Mark himself, the MR-6 Crankbait delivers tour-level performance.




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