Echo 1.75

Echo 1.75

The Echo 1.75 hardbodied floating Crankbait works a treat in a depth of from 1 – 3 metres in both the fresh and in the salt.

Ideally used in alpine streams & lakes catching trout, to creeks and rivers catching a range of species including Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Murray Cod, Australian Bass & Estuary Perch.

Then take them to the Saltwater lakes or estuaries and hook into Bream, Flathead, Tailor, Mangrove Jack or Barramundi to name a few. Especially effective in murky or discoloured water.

Echo 1.75 Features

Some of the great features of the Echo 1.75 include the following:

The Echo 1.75 has oversized eyes which are made from a highly reflective transparent material. This allows the eyes to absorb the colours around it to reflect back, thus allowing for a more natural looking lure.

The Echo features dual chambered bio acoustics. What this means is there are 2 separate chambers inside the lure that work with different retrieve speeds. On a slow retrieve the low pitch knock features and is ideal for cold and stained or brackish water. On a fast retrieve the high pitch rattle chamber takes over and is great for warmer water conditions.

Being a flat-sided crankbait, you would expect the Echo to have a tight action in the water, but the fat body tends to kick hard on the retrieve. You will notice your rod tip vibrating hard as you feel the fat Echo pushing through the water.

ECHO 1.75 features a line-tie that’s flush against the bill which helps to prevent grass and weed from getting wedged underneath the line-tie. This along with the hard-kicking vibrating action make it superior to other similar type lures when slicing through weed.

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