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Aside from the Tiny Trap which targets smaller species, the remainder of the Traps from 7.1gm to the Super Trap at 42 gms can be used to target a massive range of species right throughout the water systems.

In the freshwater from alpine streams in the high country to lakes, dams, billabongs and rivers the large range of traps have been annihilating fish species throughout the whole of these systems.

Species such as trout, perch, bass to larger species like yellow belly, saratoga, Murray Cod and Barramundi.  

Move to the saltwater including lakes, basins, estuaries and the ocean rocks, beaches and oceans reefs and these same lures can be just as effective on a huge range of fish including Bream, snapper, flathead, tailor, Australian salmon, kingfish, tuna, mulloway, mangrove jack, GT’s,  fingermark, threadfin salmon and many others.

Changing hooks replacing the freshwater hooks with saltwater ones will prolong the hook life in the salt or just using salt resistance hooks in the fresh and salt is recommended.

Rat-L-Trap Features

Some of the great features of the Rat-L-Trap include the following:

The Rat-L-Trap has been one of the most natural vibrating lipless, crankbait lures on the market for over 50 years, with an action that still attracts fish to this day.

Featuring Liv-N-Sound technology the Rat-L-Trap lure produces sounds that are almost identical to schooling shad in distress making them attracted to inquisitve predator species.

Being a lipless crankbait, the original Rat-L-Trap design is basically unchanged from 50 years ago. The lure lends itself to many different retrieval techniques that mimic baitfish of all types allowing you to zone in on your target species.

Rat-L-Trap lures are available in a large range of sizes, colours and sound options including silent, original and knocker. There is even a floating version which gives you a complete arsenal of lures for just about any situation or fish species.

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