Stutter Step


The Stutterstep top water lure with its unique action has come into its own enticing fish such as Cod, Bass, Barramundi, Estuary Perch and Tailor to come to the surface with repeated teasing actions continually tempting the fish strike.

Stutter Step Features

Some of the great features of the Stutter Step include the following:

The most action packed topwater you’ve ever fished, the StutterStepTM has moves the likes you’ve never seen before. We’re talking unique and repeatable actions like wag the tail, wobble wake, turn-around twitch, and its namesake stutter step.
The stutter step action allows an angler to walk the lure back and forth without moving the lure from a targeted area. A steady retrieve with subtle twitches will bring the lure to life making the head dart side-to-side while the tail kicks in the back.

The paddle tail on it not only acts as a pivot-brake, but more importantly it throws off a kick-splash with each turn. No other lure is easier to walk or more fun to fish than the StutterStep. It’s unique action makes it totally irresistible to a large number of fish species.

Originally designed for TigerFish in Zimbabwe, the StutterStep has proven to be an effective lure against a huge range of predator fish that are prone to come to the surface looking for a feed.

Whereas most walking baits quickly glide away from active feeding schools, the StutterStep has the ability to make sharp 90 degree turns holding near the feeding fish so they can’t help but locate the lure.

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