Rocket bobber Features

Some of the great features that make our range of Rocket Bobber Floats so popular include the following:

Floats are one of the most popular articles of fishing gear that the bait angler uses.

The Bill Lewis “Rocket Bobber” is one of the hardiest and well-designed floats on the market. The unique shape, weight distribution and aerodynamic design ensures longer and more accurate casts are possible, as they cut through wind ensuring a more accurate line to the target.

They are aimed at an easy and rapid attachment to the line and are available in three sizes and two contrasting colours to ensure they are visible under most conditions, with the 12cm and 16cm floats featuring a hook remover on the tip.

There are also two sizes which Glow in the dark to enable night float fishing. They are illuminated with an artificial light such as a headlamp or torch so there is no need to buy an additional glow stick to attach to your float when night fishing.

The company is so confident in the “Rocket Bobber” being virtually indestructible that that they offer a lifetime warranty when used under normal fishing conditions.

This is sure to be attractive to the passionate float fishing angler. 

Browse Our Float Colours

The Rocket Bobber 9.5cm is available in the following colours:

Yellow – RB4101
Orange – RB4201
Pink – RB4401

Also available in 12 packs

Yellow – Order Code: RB4112
Orange – Order Code: RB4212
Pink – Order Code: RB4412


The Rocket Bobber 12cm is available in the following colours:

Yellow Top – RB5101
Orange Top – RB5201
2 Pack – RB5302
Glow – RB5601

Available in a 12 Packs

Yellow Top – Order Code: RB5112
Orange Top – Order Code: RB5212
Glow – Order Code: RB5612


Rocket Bobber 16cm is available in the following colours: 

Yellow – RB6101
Orange Top – RB6201
Glow – RB6501

Also available in 12 packs.

Yellow Top – Order Code: RB6112
Orange Top – Order Code: RB6212
Glow – Order Code: RB6512

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